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Cancer Care

About Our Initiative

Cancer Care

  • ● Odisha-Mo Parivar in Collaboration with Konark Cancer Foundation (KCF) has started a new initiative for the Cancer patients since January 2021.
  • ● The cancer patients and their relatives which are referred by Odisha- Mo Parivar are addressed and provided with guidance and information pertaining to the treatment, various financial schemes and logistical assistance both in Odisha and Mumbai.
  • ● Odisha-Mo Parivar aims to be a one stop referral point and acts as a beacon for all the needy cancer patients in the days to come & provide comprehensive guidance & support to the extent possible in coordination with all the concerned personnel / department / hospitals.

Our co-ordinator is Mr. Rajat Agrawal and he can be reached at +91.9437067999

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Cancer Patients Helped (Total)

Number of patients helped: 2026 

Cancer Patients Helped (March _ 2024 )

Number of patients helped: 26 

Latest intervened cancer case

କୃଷ୍ଣ  39/M- Oral Cancer

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