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Environment Protection

About Our Initiative

Saving the Environment

Odisha-Mo Parivar will be actively taking part in many activities to protect our environment which will include:

  • ● Harnessing the green premium and promoting green values by Forest conservation and plantation drives.
  • ● Promote Plastic free lifestyle by developing frameworks for sustainable plastic waste management and ensuring its implementation by coordinating with government departments to establish environment-friendly plastic waste disposal solutions.
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What we do

We Are On A Mission To Help The People Of Odisha

Odisha-Mo Parivar in protection of the Environment

Odisha-Mo Parivar under its vertical "Environment Protection" is taking new initiatives to protect the very enviroment arround us. Plastic waste management, afforestation, environment awarness are the main programs among them.

An initiative, one of its kind

To promote afforestation, Odisha-Mo Parivar has started a new initiative, in some Blood Donation camps, plants are being distributed to the donors.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

An appeal to all the Odias

Odisha-Mo Parivar appeals to the people of Odisha to take a step towards environment protection with minimalistic pollution / waste and promote a clean and green environment for our future generation.                                                                                                                                                                

All for Each, Each for All.