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  • Odisha-Mo Parivar is about to launch "Your Friend in Need" service especially for Jawans

Dial/Tweet a Blood

About Our Initiative

Dial/Tweet a Blood

  • ● This feature will make Odisha-Mo Parivar a nodal point to assess the requirement in regards to rare Blood Groups in the hour of need.
  • ● It will facilitate the requirement of blood to frequent donors.
  • ● The feature will create a database of blood donors along with their blood groups.
  • ● The aim is to expedite the process of blood facilitation in the hour of distress and need.
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What we do

We Are On A Mission To Help The People Of Odisha

Blood Units Provided : September 2022

Total Blood units provided on demand: 224  


Recent Beneficiary

Luthura Munda,60years, arranged with B+ve blood.

Rare Blood Units Provided (September)

Total rare Blood units provided: 22

All for Each, Each for All.