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Odisha-Mo Parivar helpdesk associate, Shri Biswa in DHH Puri, delivered rare blood just in time.

A noble act by Odisha-Mo Parivar helpdesk associate Shri Baikuntha Mandal which is an #inspiration

Odisha-Mo Parivar team rushed in & assisted the needy people after Vijayanagaram train accident.

#OdishaMoParivar made logistical arrangements to transfer the mortal remains from SUM Hospital, Bhubaneswar to Jajpur.

Organ Donation at Odisha-Mo Parivar.

Odisha-Mo Parivar stands with people in the wee hour

Odisha-Mo Parivar gives a new lease of life to Jagannath Behera

Eyeglasses were distributed by #OdishaMoParivar following an eye camp in BDA Colony, Bhubaneswar.

All for Each, Each for All.